May 22, 2015

Is Late Love Already Lost Love?

Thanks to Facebook we are able to get in touch with people we haven’t seen for a long while.
I felt so glad when I saw a friend request from someone I haven’t seen for more than 20 years. As I hoped, we became reunited and constantly chat online besides exchange of occasional text messages.
Then, on Christmas, she texted me saying that she had trouble at home, domestic trouble, as in husband and wife trouble. I learned that Facebook reunited not just her and me, but her and another person from her past as well, that person being special then and now. The person became her husband’s object of jealousy and caused a rift between them.
Last week, my friend confided in me that she’s in a very difficult situation. She’s been married to her husband for 20 years and has been in love with her old friend all this time. And now that old friend has come back into her life, with a domestic problem of his own similar to hers, making them all the more right for each other.
If only it’s as easy as breaking up and finding a new life with someone, but it isn’t. There are children involved and family extensions to consider. I asked my friend for how long she thinks she could hang on to being with the person she married. She said, she’s trying her mightiest but still couldn’t foresee how everything would end up.
I feel for her and for others who are in her position. But sympathetic though I am to her predicament, I could never solve her problems for her nor could I make decisions that are for her to make.

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