May 21, 2015

His Neighbor

Well, this story didn’t happen in my neighborhood but in somebody else’s. I just find it very funny that’s why I posted it here.
So, here goes. My new friend Frances* is a brave girl who doesn’t mind going home very late from work. For some reasons, she was so confident that nothing wrong was going to happen to her. But one night, after her shift from the airport, she left her work at midnight and was about to meet her boyfriend so he could take her home. But as soon as she left, she already noticed a suspicious looking man behind her. Scared that it was a hold-up-er, she didn’t look back nor did she slow down. She just kept on walking, hoping to reach the place where her boyfriend was supposed to meet her.
She felt relieved when she saw him waving at him, so she walked faster. But it was then that the man declared ‘hold-up’. So, as soon as she reached her boyfriend, she told him to keep on walking as there was a robber behind them. The robber ordered them to keep quiet, keep on walking, not to look back and to give him their wallets.
To keep both of them safe, Frances fished out her wallet from her bag while her boyfriend reached back for his wallet at his back pocket. But probably out of nervousness, his wallet slipped from his hand and fell down on the sidewalk. On impulse, he looked back to grab the wallet but recognized the robber. It was one of his neighbors, in fact, the robber was even in their house the previous weekend because there was a party.
The robber asked them to please be quiet about his job. He even apologized for that unfortunate event. He let them go and warned them to be careful in those parts of the city because there are a lot of robbers roaming around.. :D
 *not real name

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