May 6, 2015

Does Mother Know Best?

I thought so. I guess I was wrong.. :(
Beth* is a mother of seven children. She made a mistake of marrying someone she thought was someone else and walked out on him after several miserable years. She had four children by her husband.
When Beth realized that no man would take her with four kids in tow, she sent the children to her siblings and she lived with a tailor. After a few years, Beth learned that the tailor would never accept her children, so, she sent them back to their father who sent them to school.
Beth had three more children by the tailor. But she was still unhappy. She wanted more in life. She made a mistake of marrying her first husband whom she believed to be a son of a wealthy politician. Now, she’s stuck with the tailor, who, though a good provider, was not willing to spend for her vanities. But she had no choice and had nowhere to go. So, she grew more bitter as she grew old.
When her children turned adult, Beth developed a habit of faking illness. One time, she sent a telegram to her grown-up daughter, telling her that she was sick and needed money. Scared and concerned, the grown-up daughter hastened to her mother’s side only to find out her mother was fine. Beth did it again, and again, and again, until her children didn’t want to believe her anymore.
When Beth realized that her children were no longer as concerned with her health as they used to be, she started to turn them against each other by making up inaccurate stories. The clueless children started to distrust and talk bitterly of one another.
Why a mother would do that to her children is a mystery to me.
 *not real name

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