May 19, 2015

Deeply In Love

I know of some people who love too deeply or thought they do. And some of them expect to be rewarded for loving another person too much. It’s as if they suppose the other person should love them as much as they love the other person and if they aren’t loved as much, they felt sad.. and mad.
Most of my childhood friends have very jealous spouses, both the guys and the girls, but mostly the guys. It wasn’t only once that I sent a text message to an old guy friend (to ask for another friend’s cellphone number) only to be texted back by the wife who, for some reasons, asked me ‘What do you need from my husband?’ (Ano’ng kailangan mo sa asawa ko?).
Wow! As if I needed anything from anybody’s husband (you know what I mean). And then another friend sent me an Instant Message which I answered very enthusiastically. But then, after 30 minutes of chatting with ‘my friend’ he, rather she, admitted that my friend was actually doing something outside and it was in fact his wife that I was chatting with. Gosh…
But at least one of my friends, (one of my closest in high school in fact) told me straight that he wouldn’t talk to me again or text me again because his wife didn’t want him to. Well, I knew I had to respect that and so I did.
Some people say ‘jealousy’ is part of love and I wouldn’t argue with that, but unreasonably jealous? Well, I guess that’s another story.

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