May 4, 2015

A Widow's Gestures

My friend, Jay* is new in his job as a money lending collector. After the first few weeks of getting the hang of his new job, he is now beginning to enjoy his work, except for Mrs. Adonis*. Mrs. Adonis eh a widow. Probably in her late 40s, she has been a client of the lending company for quite a while.
When Jay met the older woman, he felt uneasy for some reasons but he tried to brush his uneasy feelings aside. But every time Jay comes for his collection, Mrs. Adonis would invite him inside the house and offer a glass of juice. Each time, Jay politely refused and would say he still had a long list of clients to go to.
Then last week, Mrs. Adonis went to a trip out of town and came back with a handmade key chain with Jay’s name on it. Jay’s uneasiness turned to extreme discomfort and eventually fear. Apparently, Mrs. Adonis’ friendly gesture was putting Jay’s job at risk because liaison with clients is prohibited in the company. He sent me a text message asking me for the safest course of action.
Honestly, I didn’t know either. So, I just advised him to tell his immediate superior about Mrs. Adonis’ ‘gestures’ and to be very honest about his ‘discomfort’ over them. Jay wasn’t at all surprised when he learned that he wasn’t the first collector to receive such gestures from Mrs. Adonis, but he was the first to stay away from her because the others seem to enjoy them but obviously in a very discreet way because no one was caught, yet. Jay was so relieved when his superior promised to assign another collector to the woman’s account.
Jay asked me if he was being so assuming. I said he probably was, but, it’s better to be safe now than sorry later..
 *not real name

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