April 27, 2015

The Strong and Powerful Mayor

Once there was a strong and powerful mayor in the town of Sagana. He was a big man with long and powerful limbs. His arms were heavily muscled and his legs were thick and hard. His voice boomed when he spoke. His eyes were sharp and clear. His ears heard everything. He was one scary mayor.
So, the mayor was able to do anything he wanted. He knew he was strong and powerful and that people were scared of him. For years, he enjoyed his power. No one had the courage to contradict the mayor in any way. Consequently, he became abusive. He bought land for unreasonable price and he monopolized the buying and selling of crops. He became a very rich man. With his riches came more power.
The people were very sad. They were angry at the mayor but they couldn't do anything nor say anything against him. They just kept quiet, waiting unhappily and in deep silence.
One day, the mayor attended a wedding. At the reception, the mayor ate a lot of food. He was having the time of his life. He knew the people around hate him but he knew also that they couldn't do anything. He ate and drank and laughed and told stories while everyone around smiled or laughed forcibly with him.
Then, the mayor stopped talking. With his mouth open and his eyes glazed, he fell on the floor. Everyone stopped what he was doing. They looked at the mayor and waited. He wasn't getting up. Then, another visitor, a doctor, checked on the fallen man and shouted instructions.
A short while later, an ambulance carrying the mayor's body was speeding past to the hospital. The mayor had a massive stroke. He stayed in the hospital for months and when he was released, he was paralyzed.
The mayor, with his booming voice, could no longer speak nor could he move his thick and muscled arms and legs. He couldn't even eat on his own. He was reduced from a strong and powerful man to a pathetic vegetable.
The mayor's family hired a nurse to take care of him. Year after year, the mayor lived unable to do anything for himself. The nurse fed him, bathed him, dressed him and even washed him after he defecated. Eventually, the mayor's money diminished until it completely disappeared.
Decades had passed and the mayor who was more dead than alive for the past twenty years finally died an old and emaciated man. His being strong and powerful became a blurred memory in the minds of the people of Sagana who, in time, learned to forgive and pity the man who once cheated them and abused them just because he was strong and powerful.

(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, were purely incidental.)

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