April 15, 2015

The Smart Wife

Melchor was a son of a wealthy couple. His father was a hardworking and  honest businessman. He got his values from his father before him who had so much respect for people who work hard for their living. Melchor’s grandmother was a teacher, practical and thoughtful. Melchor, however, was raised by his superstitious mother who believed in charms, fortune telling and enchantments.
When Melchor was in college, his father was killed in a head-on collision. Though the result of the investigation confirmed that the driver of the other car was at fault, Melchor’s mother believed that the cause of her husband’s death was the broken mirror in their bathroom that early morning. According to Melchor’s mother, Father was shaving when he accidentally knocked down her facial mirror and it crashed on the floor. Mother, believing that broken mirrors bring bad luck, begged Father not to go, but he still did.
Since then, Melchor and his mother did not decide unless they consulted a fortune teller for their decisions. They filled their house with various stones, icons and  other items for luck. Melchor was not supposed to leave the house until they were sure it was safe for him to go out. He should not go out when a black cat passed by, when the neighbor’s dog howled last night, when something fell while he was preparing to leave and so on.
Because of that, Melchor missed several opportunities to save the business that his father left. Consequently, they sold the business and Melchor was forced to find employment. Since he was naturally smart and hardworking, it has been easy for him to find a job. But, because of his mother’s superstitious beliefs, he did not last long in every company that he worked for. He did not come for work every time something out of the ordinary happen, he quit a job because the color of the uniform was unlucky, or because the location of the building invites accidents.
Years passed and Melchor grew older and poorer. Then, he met a spontaneous girl, Annie, who found him smart and mysterious. It was the first time he and his mother had a disagreement. Mother did not approve of his girlfriend and she did not want to give them her blessing to get married.
But Melchor loved Annie. When he was with Annie, he felt that he could do anything. So, they got married resulting to a strained relationship with his mother which affected Melchor more than he expected. It became difficult for him to find a job. Melchor thought that he was being punished for disobeying his mother but Annie believed differently. She thought that Melchor was a wonderful, smart and hardworking man, but his guilt over his mother was written all over his face making him an unlikely candidate.
Annie knew by now that there was nothing wrong with Melchor, it was his attitude towards life which was influenced by his mother, that was wrong. She had to do something about it otherwise Melchor would never find a job at all.
One day, a small package was delivered to Melchor’s house, in it was a lucky pin. It was from his mother. He was supposed to wear it in his next job interview. Melchor was overjoyed. It seems like Mother already forgave him and she sent a lucky pin, too. He had a good news for Annie that night, he was accepted.Not only that, he visited Mother and it seems like nothing happened.
Unknown to Melchor, Annie has been paying Mother a visit, giving her various charms and icons for luck which she said was a peace offering from Melchor. She gave Mother stones for health, for protection, for peace and so on.  Every time Mother thinks something bad was going to happen, Annie would come up with a stone that might counter whatever bad luck was coming.
Finally, Melchor gained confidence. He realized that he could do so much. He still believed in luck though, that is why he kept his lucky pin all the time. Besides, his wife was so smart, she knew the kinds of charms that would keep bad luck at bay.
Annie could not say the same thing. She knew very little about stones, only what she read from books she bought, but she knew everything about her husband and her mother-in-law and she knew what it was they wanted to hear.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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