April 26, 2015

The Saleslady in the Ring Stand

Before my eldest daughter graduated from high school, what she wanted as graduation gift was a RING. Since I know my daughter is not much into jewelry, I was happy to give her one.
I started looking around, and when I saw something to my liking, I asked the saleslady if I could see it up close. The girl was sincerely happy to assist me. I checked it out and felt that my daughter would absolutely love it. I asked for the price but when I was told, I realized that I didn’t have enough money. So, I gave the ring back to the girl whose expression went sour upon learning that I wouldn’t buy it after all. I explained that I didn’t have enough cash and that I would be back the next day. The girl simply gave me a fake smile.
As I was going home, I noticed that the line of people in the ATM was short. I took my chance and withdrew money so that I could buy the ring. I went back to the ring stand as soon as I got the money. As I got near it, I saw the saleslady with her back on me. She was talking with her co-worker about… ME.
She told her about shoppers who keep on saying they will come back when they really have no intention of doing so. She also mentioned shoppers who check on things but actually don’t have money, like the one who just left (referring to me), that they just want to try things on.
She almost fainted when I spoke behind her and said..
“I’m back, miss.. I’ll take the ring.”
Obviously, she knew that I heard her. So, all the time that we were doing the transaction, she was so pale, maybe due to embarrassment or I really scared her when I abruptly talked behind her.
I was somehow surprised that I didn’t feel offended. Probably because I know that what she said was somehow true. And looking at the girl’s pale face, I knew how uncomfortable she felt. So, I made my purchase as short as possible, thanked her and smiled sincerely at her, then left…

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