April 23, 2015

The Applicant

Sometime in the late 70s, a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in Education, Luna*, came home in the province. With her was her college diploma and her license from the Professional Regulatory Commission.
The first thing she did was submit an application to the only high school, a Catholic school, in our town. And to her felicity, she was scheduled for an interview with the school director, the current Parish Priest. So, she prepared. She was so excited that she slept very little. But her happiness was clouded with sadness and disappointment when she was greeted by a stormy morning. There was a typhoon.
As there was still no cell phone during that time, there was no way to notify the school that she couldn’t come. That left her no choice but to go on with the interview.
She fixed herself and dressed in business attire. Since there was no available tricycle because of the storm, Luna decided to walk amidst the raging wind and violent rain. After several minutes, she finally made it to the school. She went directly to the Parish house where the school director lives and takes office.
The moment the director admitted her in his office, the first thing Luna noticed was the shocked expression on his face. So, she hastily apologized for her pathetic appearance and ranted on about the awful typhoon and how she couldn’t find a way to let the director know she couldn’t come and since she wanted to keep her word and didn’t want to give a negative impression, she gathered all her courage and came for the interview instead.
What do you think happened?
Of course, she was accepted. In fact, she had been my teacher in high school. As what the school director said at the conclusion of the interview
“If you came over here despite the raging storm because you wanted to keep your word and that’s in addition to your impressive resume and transcript of records, then I do believe you will be an asset to this school..”
And she is..

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