April 22, 2015

No Reasons, No Bounds

Some people have fallen in and out of love more times than is healthful while other people thought they’ve been in love when they actually haven’t.
Love has its own reason.
So, no one can reason with love. If someone loves somebody because he is good looking, or smart or even kind, then that is a conditional kind of love. What if he loses his good looks in an accident, or screwed up due to some stupid mistake or became cantankerous because of sudden bout of illness?
We love a person not for what he is or what he can do. We love a person for what he makes us feel. Do our hearts flip with the sight of him? Do we feel a burning longing with his touch? Do we hear music when he laughs? Do we feel comforted by his presence alone? And most importantly, do we expect anything in return? Because true love never does. It is content with doing what will benefit our love the most. And when everything went wrong, we stay beside him no matter what and became the only thing left that is right.
Love has no bounds.
How far can we go for the one we love?
For as far as it takes. We don’t stop when the going gets tough nor do we doubt the rightness of our actions. It doesn’t really matter whether we do wrong or right, what it all boils down to is that it is right for the person we love even if it means pushing him up, pulling him down or letting him go.
So do we know of anyone, anyone at all, who loves someone that much?

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