April 14, 2015

Mine is Bigger than Yours

As I was rushing for work last week, I got on one of the local tricycles in our subdivision. The driver was polite and somehow more cautious than the other drivers.
After I told him where to, he started the tricycle and off we went. It was just like an ordinary day, only with more rain than usual. As we were nearing the FX terminal, we can see the traffic building up ahead of us. The driver tried to find some ways to make it faster, but made sure that we’re not violating any traffic rules. He remained in our ‘right-of-way’ (in which he refer to the right lane) but alert for any chance of going further.
We were both surprised, therefore, when a shiny gray car from behind forced itself ahead of us. The driver honked at us to move over. Wondering what we can do in such a situation, I asked the tricycle driver what the car wanted us to do, and he answered ‘the driver wants us to pull back so he can force his way through.’ I found that irrational since we were already there, he just needs to wait for the traffic to move so he can have the space he longed for. We ignored the honking and waited.
After 2 minutes, the line moved along and the gray car was now alongside us. The driver rolled his window down and yelled at us.. “You should have moved over, you’re just a TRICYCLE” (Dapat umurong ka, tricycle ka lang eh..) then sped past us.
Wheeww! What an impressive shiny gray car with an impolite egocentric unreasonable and discriminating driver..
I looked at the tricycle driver and he looked back with an expression that says “All in a day’s work.”

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