April 25, 2015

Great Expectations

What happens when you expect too much from love? You get disappointed.
Well, I guess expectations are all right. However, great expectations are not so. Believing that the person would never mean to hurt you and would only want what’s best for you and would stand by you when the going gets tough is faith. But expecting this person to change his nature and to surrender his privacy is unreasonable.
Generally, girls are more expressive than boys. A guy who goes through the pains of painting an entire house pink for his lady-love, or sprinkle petals of four dozen roses so his girl could walk her way through them, or exchanging his sneakers with his girlfriend’s killer high heels so she could walk comfortably, is only one out of a hundred, otherwise exists only in movies and soap operas. To expect your boyfriend to go over the edge for you seems to me self indulgence and has very little to do with love if at all. Though there really are exceptionally romantic guys, there are more who prefer to express their affection more simply and if you happen to be with a guy like that, then accept him for what he is and do not expect him to read you poetry, or give you a long-stemmed white rose.
And what’s with girlfriends knowing their boyfriends’ passwords? And checking on his text messages and call log? If your boyfriend wants to hide something from you, he will, with or without your checking on him. You’re just helping him hide his secret more efficiently.
I’m not being KJ. I just know a lot of guys and I had a lot of guy friends. I also had some encounters with romantic guys, and they really are, well…. romantic. You may meet some of them, or may not. But that doesn’t mean you’re not adorable. You just don’t come across them and you are hardly to blame for that.

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