April 7, 2015

Bitter Is as Bitter Does

My friend, Gina*, has always been.. traditional. Though smarter than she looks, Gina always believed in the traditional structure of society, that is, father provides for the family while mother stays at home and takes care of the children. So, when she met her first (and last) boyfriend when we were in college, she thought they would end up in marriage and have six children.
Naturally, she was extremely devastated when her boyfriend ‘dumped’ her for a prettier and younger girl. Life, for her, became the bitterest of pill to swallow. She cast herself out of the circulation, refusing to see and talk to even her closest of friends including me.
Eighteen long years had passed and we saw each other on Facebook. I was apprehensive and I had reason to be. Then a get-together was set up and we finally got to talk to her again. She admitted to us how bitter she had been. But the worse part was that she didn’t know it until two weeks ago when she saw her ex on FB. Then, she started to open up herself to old friends, starting to chat with them online and send them text messages. Only then did she realize how MUCH she missed and she only has herself to blame.
Now, at 39, she finally got over the dumping incident and she is now ready to face the world and open her heart for love that she still hopes will come her way, hopefully sooner.
*not real name

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