April 19, 2015

Another Pathetic Scene..

Imagine falling in love at 16. It was the time when you thought that your heart beats only for that person and you live for love and by love alone. It seems that your world will cease to exist when you get separated from your love. You can’t wait to get married and live with your love and start your life with him.
Now, imagine having that same young beating heart broken with dreams shattered and whole being numb with disillusion. It didn’t really matter whose fault it was. The pain was so overwhelming you wanted to shut everyone out of your life. The only way to bear the burden and keep on living was the hope that someday this person who hurt you would come crawling back to you. And you waited. And waited..
Time passed by and this person, indeed,  came back to you still as dashing as the first time you saw him. But his smile held no promise and his voice devoid of romantic notion but the casual tone of a long lost friend. But you were too overwhelmed you didn’t notice. So, there you were again, offering yourself like a lamb on a wreathed platter making it all too clear that you were expecting absolutely nothing in return. That you were giving all you have (again) for the plain and simple reason as, the mythical, unconditional love. This time, letting go was way way easier than the first time, because no expectations were set and no goodbyes were said, just parting of ways as conventional as see you when I see you.
Several more years passed and this same love came knocking at the door of your now quiet and contented heart. With the said heart steadied by pain accumulated over the years and matured by years fate had blessed you, you let this familiar stranger as you offer friendship for the sake of the classic old times, but only to find yourself as helpless and as besotted as your 16year old self who was ready to bare both heart and soul in the name of stupid, deceiving, scheming and ruthless love. But no amount of name calling would do, because in the end, you’re still the willing and pathetic victim of this concept known universally as love which very few people have found.
Not enlightening, but quite entertaining because almost everybody can relate to this tale which is as common as night and day.

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