April 11, 2015

Aim Far and High

Jiji* is from an impoverished  family in the province. As far as I know, she was not able to go to college because of lack of money. She felt scared that she might end up just like some of her childhood friends who got married and have children at their teens. So, she never stopped dreaming of wonderful things that might happen to her. She started looking for jobs, but for a high school graduate, it wasn't at all easy. So, she began to consider working abroad as a Domestic Helper. She inquired about the requirements and began procuring them one by one.
When she was able to complete the requirements, she went to Manila to submit her papers. Everything went fine except for one simple problem. She ran out of money. She was totally and completely broke that she called up her cousin in Malate, Eden,  if she can borrow enough money to go home. Her cousin, a singer in a club, invited her to spend the night.
When she arrived at her cousin's house, however, she found that Eden was down with fever and asked her if she can take over her set that night. Jiji, a good singer herself, thought for a while and decided that it's not such a bad idea to give it a try. So, she went. Clueless of what to do, she just sang those songs she knew while Eden's co-band members gave her words of encouragement. Until a man from the audience requested a particular song, "Sana'y Wala Ng Wakas" by Sharon Cuneta. Knowing the song by heart. Jiji sang the song and was thrilled to death when the man gave him P500 for tip (this happened about 15 years ago) more than the amount she needed to go home.
Jiji, didn't go home the following the day, or the day after that. It took her a week until she finally decided to go home to tell her parents her intention of staying in Manila to be a band singer. Today, Jiji and her band perform abroad. Last I heard, they are in China..
Jiji is my cousin and though we seldom see each other, I'm very happy for her and  wish her and her band the best of luck..
*not real name

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