April 20, 2015

A Memory: The Local Fair

Every year, one of the most awaited events in our town is the fiesta which is celebrated during the summer after the first onion harvest season. For kids like us, what we waited for most of all was the arrival of ‘perya’ the local town fair. And when it did, we had our best days.
One time, however, as my sister and I was having fun shooting coins on one of the game tables, we suddenly heard a commotion and in a very short while everybody was running around. My sister, Liz grabbed my wrist and we ran as fast as we could. Though we didn’t know what we were running away from, we didn’t stop, neither did we look back. Even when we could see the light in our billiard hall from a distance, we didn’t even slow down.
When we finally got home, my sister finally released my wrist and we sat down. Nobody spoke at first. Only when we realized that all of the billiard players including our father were staring at us with confused looks, we broke into a fit of laughter until we were both in tears. We told the story, rather, what little we knew about it, in between laughing bouts.
I never felt safer in our billiard hall than that particular moment.
Later, we learned that the cause of the commotion were two drunk men who pushed each other and fell over leading to a ‘domino effect.’ So, no one was chasing us after all :)

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