April 2, 2015

A Memory: The Brag on the Bike

Living in the province during the 80s was quiter, simpler and more peaceful compared with living in the province today. The roads were more for pedestrian than for vehicles as vehicles were few. Aside from the jeepneys going to Cabanatuan and back, the only 'wheels' we see on the roads were tricycles.
So, we were amused, amazed and annoyed when we saw a visiting 'Manilenyo' (visitor from Manila) zooming this way and that way on his 'Kawasaki' motorbike, unmindful of small children playing on the street. Obviously with no regard whatsoever for other people's lives nor for his, the brag continued with this unacceptable behavior despite complaints from the people.
Then one day, as the brag was doing his usual tricks, a lone kitten suddenly crossed the street causing the bike to violently wobble, tipped over and  with ear-splitting screech finally hit the dirt throwing the rider a few meters away. For a few seconds, nobody moved and not until the people heard a loud moan did they approach the victim who was, miraculously, alive. It was they, the same people whom he vexed with his tricks, who helped him go to the nearest hospital.
Luckily, there was no serious injury, just a broken arm and several ugly scratches. Eventually, he recovered and we never see him on his bike again. Maybe because his bike was totalled or he just learned an important lesson, we never find out..

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