April 5, 2015

A Memory: Basty, the Brag

I've always thought operating billiards was one of the coolest businesses in the world. For one, guys are pouring by the dozen and second and probably unknown to many, billiard hall is the source of the hottest and juiciest gossips in town :D .
Basty* was the 'shortest' (he stood 4 feet and 11 inches) BRAG in our place. And for me, he has the BIGGEST MOUTH of all. He had this habit of staying in our billiard hall, sit for hours and talk non-stop. What about? HE, HIS, HIM and HIMSELF.. Annoying, right?
It was one of those ordinarily boring days. Basty was talking about his new girlfriend. The new girl from another town. He talked about her as if she was an angel who chose to stay on Earth because of him. He also talked about his rivals, who 'never stand a chance' with him. After all, he is gregarious, talented and highly educated. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education, by the way.
Every single day, he would drone on and on about this rare perfection of a girl whom only he deserves.  Oblivious of our bored and annoyed faces, he doesn't seem to get tired of talking about her.
Then one day, the sizzling news hit the billiard hall like a meteorite. The girl was caught in the act of obscenity with the balut vendor behind the old gradeschool building :o . It took almost a month for the issue to finally die down.
And Basty? We didn't see him for about.. 6 months? :(

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