March 5, 2015

Whose Love Letter?

Dante* is a simple guy with simple needs. He works hard to put food on the table for his family and as long as the earphones of his MP3 are plugged into his ears, he has no complaints. He doesn’t trouble anybody so he doesn’t expect trouble from anybody as well.
So, he was understandably pissed off when the wife of one of his fellow tricycle drivers accused him of seducing her. According to the woman, Dante has been courting her and in fact has been sending her love letters. But Dante’s reaction to the accusations was a little.. too much.
He was raging mad. Then, eventually, we found out why. To one of his very few trusted friends, he ranted how he couldn’t even read nor write, so where did the love letters come from, who wrote them, or do they even exist at all?
Well, obviously, the woman has been lying to everyone. She is probably hiding something from her husband and chose Dante as the fall guy. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know that particular truth about Dante.
*not real name

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