March 15, 2015

When We're Feeling Ill

Only when we’re feeling ill do we realize how good it really feels to feel well.
Just like any other blessing, the gift of good health is being set aside and ignored until the time comes when health fails. We don’t actually realize that waking up feeling well is one of the most common yet most precious blessings of all. Not every one wakes up feeling well, and come to think of it, not every one wakes up at all..
Still, some people simply couldn’t manage to feel grateful for waking up in the morning. They choose to agonize over things they can’t have and things they can’t do instead of enjoying the things they actually have and the talents and skills they are blessed with.
Life is hard, or it isn’t, it depends on one’s perspective of it. And no amount of brooding and moping will make it any better. So, instead of doing exactly that, let’s start every day by making a mental list of the things we are thankful for, another morning, the person beside you, coffee, breakfast, etc., and utter a sincere thank you for each and every one of them.

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