March 28, 2015

The Legacy of the Tailor of San Agustin

Bernardo is a tailor. He has lived in San Agustin all his life. Because they are very poor, he never got to study like other children. As soon as he learned to read and write a little and do his numbers, he didn’t go back to school but instead learned to sew men’s clothing particularly pants and jackets.
Bernardo, however, compensates his lack of education with outstanding work values. Whatever he accepts, he finishes. Regardless of his customer’s age, station in life or political orientation, he gives his services without prejudice. He starts working at the crack of dawn and goes to sleep at the dead of night.
But despite Bernardo’s passion for his work, other people look down on him. The only woman who agreed to live with him had no other attractive options. But Bernardo didn’t take notice, or he did, but chose not to mind. He has a job and a family. What more could a man possibly ask for?
So, Bernardo grew old doing what he did best, sewing clothes. He had three children who were devoted to him. Though simple minded Bernardo didn’t really understand the importance of education, he sent them to school. But education was more expensive than Bernardo assumed. So, day and night, he labored. Whatever discomfort he was feeling, he ignored. He had to work to feed his family and to send his children to school.
His eldest was already in fourth year college when Bernardo got sick. He got really sick that he could no longer work. So, his eldest daughter stopped studying and found work to help her siblings. he second daughter was in fourth college when Bernardo died. He never got the chance to see his children finish school. But he was happy to leave them knowing he did his best for them. And his love words for them was ‘Love and help each other..’
A few months after Bernardo died, his second daughter graduated from college. Then, a few years after that, the eldest daughter graduated from college as well. Together, the two sisters struggled to send their brother to school. It took them longer but eventually, Bernardo’s youngest child made it through college.
Several years after Bernardo’s death, his children, none of them sew clothes, have lives of their own. They are known to be among the best workers in San Agustin. Because, simple and lacking in education as he was, Bernardo taught his children a very important lesson, passion for work. Though he never knew it, Bernardo showed and taught his children the value of determination and the importance of professionalism.
He may not be highly educated. He wasn’t good with words. He wasn’t articulate nor was he adept in pen, but Bernardo lived more fully than others, because you don’t have to be extraordinarily smart, highly educated nor extremely popular to make a change. You can be as simple and meek as Bernardo who spent all his life doing what he did best.

(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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