March 11, 2015

The Facebook Account

Last week, I received a distressed call from a friend. This friend of mine is a smart and tough guy. So, I was kind of surprised when he sounded distressed. But then again, as he spoke over the phone, I eventually realized it wasn’t distress I heard, it was actually frustration.
It seems like, our college friend, Sarah*, who happened to be his girlfriend for a short while in the past, has been calling her every time she and her boyfriend have a fight.The calls have become constant lately which means, they constantly fight. So, one time, my friend, the caller, logged on to Facebook and sent her a private message encouraging her to just break up with her boyfriend. But Sarah simply said she couldn’t do that and she would just wait for her boyfriend to grow tired of her and dump her. (Can you believe that?) Her boyfriend happened to be married. So, that makes her other woman, right?
Then, the next time my friend, the caller, logged on to FB, he found a message from Sarah. Only, it wasn’t from Sarah but from
the jerk her boyfriend, confronting my friend for encouraging Sarah to break up with him. My friend was enraged and they argued which ended up putting Sarah in the middle.
Bottom line, why does the jerk have Sarah’s password? She gave it to him. How did I know? She told it to me, herself.. :(

*not real name

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