March 14, 2015

Sweeter Cyber Romance

Honestly, I don’t know if cyber romance is sweet, basically because I didn’t have a chance to try it. I put up my first yahoo mail the year after I got married. So, I think I have nothing to say in the matter except those I heard from friends.
And speaking of friends, I know of two people who found each other again on Facebook. Twenty years ago, they were just acquaintances. They weren’t close. They weren’t friends. Then, last year, we put up a group and all three of us were invited as members. Incidentally, they were both using account names different from their real names, so, neither has an idea who the other was.
So, they were kind of surprised when they found out about each other’s identity. The next thing I knew was that they hit it off and they seem to be very happy together. I’m happy for them, of course, but I was never into cyber romance thus my skepticism. For me, you could only say you love someone if you know him or her well enough and how could you know someone you only see and  talk with online?
Well, that’s only for ME. I could be wrong and they may be right, right? Well… I just wish both of them happiness.. :)

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