March 8, 2015

Stubborn Love

May* was the middle of the three daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Pacheco. May was kind of stubborn, a rebel, in fact. She loves to do what her parents said she mustn’t. Her father was an overseas contract worker and her mother was a public school teacher. Being a responsible father, Mr. Pacheco tried to impart his work values on his children while as a teacher, Mrs. Pacheco preached on various virtues including respect not just to parents but the elders in general.
May, obviously, was tired of her parents’ self-righteousness. For her, they are just that.. self righteous and hypocrites. So, she waited for every opportunity to defy them.
Then, one day, her ‘perfect’ sister made the mistake of falling in love with a bum. Their parents tried everything in their power to separate their first born from the good-for-nothing guy and they were so relieved when their eldest daughter came to her senses and broke up with him.
May saw the opportunity. A few months after her sister’s break-up with the bum, she ran away with him. At first it was fun. The guy was so cool. He just did whatever he liked. He followed no rules and answered to no one. Then, after a few weeks, May was beginning to panic. Her money was running out and the bum showed no intention of looking for work.
Then, one morning, May woke up with a severe stomach ache. She was hungry, something that never happened to her before. There was no food anywhere in the house. The bum was in his regular drinking session out on the street. May felt alone and stupid.
She packed her bags and without looking bag, left the bum, who didn’t know she left or maybe didn’t even care. She came home to her parents who took her back without questions.

*not real name

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