March 7, 2015

Story Turned Bad

Bert is a writer. He wants to be a popular writer someday, but he knew it wouldn’t be easy. But Bert’s determination is is rooted from the belief that he can be anything he wants to be if he works hard enough. So, he did.
Bert likes to write about people the most. He wrote about people’s kindness and courage, about people’s honesty and generosity, about love and friendship. He wrote about things he wanted to happen, like unity and patience. And he liked what he wrote. So, he felt sad when it seems like nobody, besides himself, reads his story.
But he never gave up. He kept on writing, wishing that other people would read his stories and hoping that people would learn from them. Months turned to years, still, no one notices how good his stories were. Bert started to lose hope. It seems like his dreams wouldn’t come true after all.
Bert gathered his writing papers and pens. He began to write something different. He wrote about his pains and disappointments. He wrote about bias and prejudice. He wrote about unrealized dreams and unanswered prayers. He wrote about hopelessness and cowardice. He wrote about fears and embarrassments. He bared his heart for that one last story with a promise that he was not going to write again, ever.
A few days after, he was surprised to learn that somebody made a comment on his story. He said that Bert’s story was bitter and hateful, that it was discouraging and depressing. His comment was read by others, and they got curious about Bert’s story so they read it too, giving more negative comments in turn. The more negative comments came out, the more people read his story.
Then, the people began to debate among themselves. Some said Bert’s story shouldn’t be read lest it give people ideas, while some said  the story should be banned altogether. But it made other people even more curious and everybody wanted to know what’s so wrong about the story that it should be banned.
Through it all, Bert was amused but at the same time, sad. He wrote about goodness and righteousness but nobody wanted to read them, then, he wrote about wrongness and ugliness and everybody wanted to read it but hated it afterwards.
Bert realized how ironic it was to finally taste fame and feel it bitter in his mouth. Funny how people don’t notice the good things but reacted strongly to bad ones. How they ignore the nice and dwell on the loathsome.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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