March 17, 2015

Self Discovery

My friend Lyna* has been having trouble with her marriage for the past five years. Despite our advice to let go, she was still trying to save the marriage though the evidence that her husband has been cheating on her has been piling up.
But based on what she told me, her husband seems to be pushing her away and there was no indication that he wanted any reconciliation. Her husband believed himself blameless and everything was all Lyna’s fault.
As a friend, I couldn’t accept that. Lyna is a smart girl. She has always been. She was among those who excel in our class and she was quite popular in our school. When she married her husband, however, Lyna has changed. She started to depend on him so much she couldn’t even decide which appliances to buy. But seeing that she was happy with it, I held my peace until she told me about her suspicion that her husband has another woman.
Still, Lyna hoped and worked hard to save the happy marriage she once had. But a few months ago, she finally muster the courage to ask her husband whether he still loves her or not, he didn’t say ‘yes’ and he even told her that it was she who hurt him with her suspicions.
After crying for a week. Lyna realized she’d rather make the most of what’s left, her kids. But this time, she won’t keep quiet. After all, she has a say in the matter, whatever that is. She began to say ‘no’ to her husband, she started to do what she wanted to do and not what her husband wanted and most importantly, she began to confront her husband about everything pertaining to their life together like his salary, which she didn’t know how much until now.
Her husband was shocked, so shocked he couldn’t speak. For the first time, he met the real Lyna which he belittled and mistreated. Well.. how wrong can he be..
*not real name

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