March 20, 2015

Right Intention, Wrong Way

Among the five friends, Gina* was the only one who didn’t have a boyfriend yet. So, when she finally introduced Dan*, her friends were not only delighted but also excited. But the excitement didn’t extend to Penny* who sensed something about Dan and told so to the rest of the friends. The other girls, however, were so happy abut Gina’s newfound relationship that they just accepted it.
To prove her point, Penny started to get friendly with Dan. As she expected, he took the bait. He began to be more friendly with Penny and even flirted with her shamelessly. But as soon as Penny noticed it, she kept her distance. After all, she already proved she was right.
But Dan was smarter than Penny took him for. By the time she was about to tell Gina the truth, her friend was already fed with a seduction story by Dan. Gina was hurt, but Penny was even more so. If Gina couldn’t believe her friend would try to steal her boyfriend,  Penny couldn’t accept that Gina thought very little of her.
The parting was difficult. But what followed was downright painful, because after a few months, Dan dumped Gina for a new and younger girl. .
*not real name

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