March 29, 2015

Rare Love

If there is something about myself in the love department, it’s that I hold back. I reserve my love for a very few people, for my family most of all, my extended family and very few selected friends. But when I love a person, I love that person forever.
So, in a way, I seem to be cold and heartless. I’m not the sweety-sweety and cuddly-cuddly giving love notes kind of lover. I only cuddle my own children and the sweetest gesture I do with my husband in public is hold his hand. I don’t throw away big parties for my children and birthdays is a private occasion celebrated only with family. I don’t PM my friends in Facebook nor I post quotes and status to tell people how much love I have and how much love I can give.
But the few people I love hold my highest regard. I keep them in the most private corner of my heart and I always make myself available for them any time they need me.
Maybe I could say I rarely love, but I truly love. And it’s love in the real sense of the word..

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