March 12, 2015

How Rare is Opportunity?

I would say very.
How many smart, talented and hard-working people got wasted because they weren’t given an opportunity to show what they got?
It’s sad.. and frustrating to see such people settling for something less than they deserve. Sometimes, we can’t help wondering why that is? Some people say everything happens for a reason, but what reason? We see them try as hard and even harder than others, and yet, they simply don’t make it, is it fate? Is it misfortune? God’s will? What? We don’t know, or maybe we don’t need to know. Maybe that’s just it. Maybe that’s just what life is, either you make it or you don’t, and that’s all there is to it.
Then, what is the point of dreaming? And of trying? If you wouldn’t get it after all because it isn’t meant for you. What is the point of wasting valuable time and energy over something which will never be yours because it isn’t meant to?
Bitter? No.. not at all. I just feel regretful over those people who were given opportunities but waste them due to lack of gratitude and determination. They don’t know how rare those opportunities come by…

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