March 26, 2015

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

This story actually happened about fifteen years ago, when being an unwed mother was still taboo.
As an emancipated woman, I’ve never been bothered to be an unwed mother. For me, it was either people, a guy in particular, accept me or not. But though I was never ashamed of my situation at the time, I wasn’t proud that my integrity was somehow.. questionable. So, my being an unwed mother was kind of personal and only close friends knew about it.
So, on my first formal job as an administrative clerk in a big supermarket, nobody knew that I had a child. Since I was technically single, guys were drawn to me. One guy in particular actually asked me out on a date. Since I was available, in the real sense of word, I went out with him.
Just like the usual first dates, the guy was trying to sell himself out to me. Well, I got that. Naturally, he was trying to impress me as best as he could until I gave him the ultimate test. I told him that I had a child about three years old and that I was raising her all by myself.
He tried really really hard to appear interested.
He never asked me out again. Was I surprised? NOT AT ALL…

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