February 19, 2015

When We Stop Caring

Yesterday, I met two of my close friends in college. They are both smart and I like them a lot. But there are something about both of them that, not actually, bothers me, but, makes me feel.. wary. They both have a tendency to freak out, as in really freak out. And when they do, all hell breaks loose.
They said they can’t tolerate stupid and incompetent people. I find it a little.. harsh(?). Well, I told them that stupid people are everywhere and there is nothing any of us can do about that. Then, they told me about the time that they had ranted at people and I found myself wincing at their stories. But as I listened to them, I came to the conclusion that they wouldn’t rant unless they were provoked. By my, how often and how easily they got provoked..
As for me, ranting is the last resort. And I can remember only two instances that I ranted. And though I got what I wanted, I wasn’t happy with what I did. I felt that I failed somehow and that I should have handled the situation more diplomatically. But it was done and there’s nothing I can do to undo it, so I have to live with the guilt and the shame of embarrassing and hurting other people by my ranting.
Then, I asked my friends.. ‘When you rant at people, do you ever consider how they would feel?’
And they said they don’t care..
Well, that’s it. That’s the difference between them and me. Because I care, in fact, I care a lot about how other people will feel. And I don’t want to stop caring.. EVER.

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