February 27, 2015

When Things Ended

My friend *Jessica has been married with her husband for twenty years. Out of those twenty years, fifteen had been perfect. The sixteenth was clouded with suspicions and distrust and the last two were spent apart.
Jessica started to suspect that her husband was cheating on her when he began to spend less time with her and their kids. Then, he started to put his cellphone inside his pillowcase when he sleeps, stay beside the cellphone when being charged and take the cellphone with him inside the bathroom.
When Jessica saw a  silver ring inside the secret pocket of his jeans she put it back assuming it was for her, but her birthday has come and gone, but the ring was never seen again. When Jessica found two stubs of cinema tickets in his jacket pocket, she couldn't help but confront her husband, who, naturally denied they were his.
Neighbors and close friends told her how her husband was constantly seen with his ex-girlfriend whom her husband introduced as childhood friend. Jessica told her husband how jealous she feels about the girl and asked him to do something to assure her that there was nothing going on between them, but her husband found her request unreasonable.
After three years of living like that, Jessica took their children and went home to her family. Her husband considered it the ultimate betrayal. He blamed Jessica for every single thing that befell their marriage. It was Jessica who left him alone and broken and he could never forgive her for that, EVER.
Two years had passed and Jessica still hopes and believes that things will go back the way they used to be, but when asked if he still love her, he couldn't answer, but simply said.. '..everything was all your fault. If you didn't leave me the way you did, this won't happen to us...'
How many jerks do we have to meet in one lifetime? Because I keep on coming across them through my friends.. :(
*not real name

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