February 12, 2015

When Fairy Tale Ends

My friend Jamie* married a wealthy foreigner. It was a marriage made in heaven. In her wedding gown fit for a princess, Jamie was the perfect bride. Beside her was her dashing groom, Bob*, with his eyes filled with love and passion.
Bob gave Jamie the life every woman dreams of. He gave her lovely house where she, alone, reigns supreme.  In her end, Jamie made the house the perfect nest for a family. She made it comfortable and warm. She always kept food and nice wine, and the sheets and linens are always fresh. When Bob thinks that Jamie feels down, he books her a flight home so she could visit her family. And sometimes, he would surprise her by making her parents visit them abroad.
When their eldest was born, Jamie’s cup filled to overflowing. However, to take better care of the baby, she started sleeping at the nursery to keep watch and tend to the baby’s needs. Bob understood and thanked Jamie for being such a wonderful mother. When her daughter was born, Jamie’s life was complete.
But minding two children meant less time for Bob. But thinking that her husband didn’t mind, Jamie focused her life on her children, after all, they were his children, too. After several years, Jamie had to come home to her ailing mother. With unlimited funds, Jamie took her mother to an expensive hospital. But money couldn’t buy life, and death couldn’t be bribed. Her mother died and she went back home hoping to find comfort in her husband’s arms.
But her husband though attentive was somehow distant. So, Jamie started to suspect him of having an affair. She nagged him into admission. But when the admission came, it was even worse than she feared. He didn’t have an affair, or if he did, it was nothing serious to be considered. He fell out of love with her.
Then it came down to her how he neglected him and his needs all these years. How he gave her a wonderful life but all she cared about were their children. And because she didn’t hear him complain even once, she thought it was alright, but now she learned that it wasn’t. And his last words to her was ‘you’re a great mother but not a good wife’.
Jamie tried to win her husband back and to save her marriage. But after a few years of trying, she gave up. Late last year, we went out together and I learned that Bob already signed the divorce paper. The children would stay with him but he has been kind enough to let her stay in the house, but not as his wife but as the mother of their children.
Good luck, Jamie, may the Lord give you strength to start again, and may he bless you happiness that you thought you have lost..
*not real name

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