February 9, 2015

We Learned Young

When I was in college, I had this friend, Luna*. She was a sweet thing who was still gullible at 19. She was one of those girls who didn’t think they would be duped just because they weren’t doing anything wrong. Oh well, I was younger than Luna but I wasn’t thinking that way.
Anyways, though I was expecting something like that from Luna, I was still surprised when I learned that his boyfriend got her pregnant and that they were getting married. Ok, so, they loved each other, or so they thought, I guess, as a friend, I have to be happy for them, right?
After four years, we paid them a visit in their cramped apartment and I could say they were actually doing well. So, that time, I felt genuinely happy for them. But I realized my happiness was premature, because after ten years, I learned from other friends that her husband left her for another woman leaving her their four kids.
But looking at her FB account, Luna doesn’t look sweet and gullible anymore. She still looks pretty but tough and I guess it pays a ton to learn young..
 *not real name

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