February 19, 2015

We Didn’t Need the Internet in the 80's and We Survived

Yes, we didn’t but we managed to survive. Moreover, no one can say that we are less smart than those kids who were born during the computer era. 

So, why is the internet so crucial in our live today? Why is it that we feel so doomed when the internet is out? Why do we feel painfully frustrated when we can’t login to Facebook or we can’t post on Twitter?

Why do we let ourselves so..  dependent on the internet that we feel oppressed and seemingly depressed when we don’t have it in our lives?

I can understand those kids who grew up with it. They don’t know otherwise. But for us who were used to snail mail and chatting-under-the moonlight and libraries, why do we allow slow internet connection to get to us when we didn’t have it then?

Have we grown too lazy to read reference books because we got used to googling? Have we grown too impatient to wait till morning to say what we have to say to our friends that we have the urgent need to send a private message on Facebook? Have we become too needy that we need to post our complaints on Twitter to let other people know how we feel at the moment? Most importantly, have we no sense of privacy anymore that we post on social media everything that goes on in our lives?

Maybe I’m just too traditional to keep the old ways of life like reading printed pages instead of googling, taking time to visit friends instead of sending private messages and enjoying moments of privacy with family, relatives and friends without posting pictures on Facebook.

It’s not a sort of rebellion. I simply.. prefer it that way.

I’m not a hypocrite as to say I don't need social media or ultimately the internet. As a matter of fact, my husband works abroad and we get in touch regularly through Skype. I am also a blogger and I make small amounts of money online. So, for me, to say I don't need social media makes absolutely no sense.

So, why am I writing this article? 

I just want to point out that slow internet connection is not the end of the world and that we need to spend time away from social media to do something else, like... 'stop and smell the flowers..' 

I know I sound old-fashioned but believe me.. I enjoy life, I mean.. life away from the internet, and I want others to enjoy it too.   

Time is a gift. Let's spend it in meaningful ways, because when it passed by us, we can never have it back again...

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