February 5, 2015

The Picnic

Diego, Arman and Manuel were employed a rich man. They have been working for him for ten years now and they admit that they are fairly compensated. The strange thing, however, was that all these years they haven’t met him in person yet. There were several times that announcements were made that he was coming over to visit but it seems like something always came up.
All communications were done through memoranda and since they were properly compensated and were given incentives from time to time they didn’t find any reason to complain. Then one day, a special memorandum was received  by each of the three employees. They were invited to a picnic which will be held within the backyard of their employer’s grand mansion this coming weekend.
During the lunch break, Diego, Arman and Manuel sat together and discussed the memo. Diego was elated. He never doubted their employer even once. In fact, he thinks that their employer was the greatest man of all and he was willing to do whatever the man requires of him. He would be happy and honored to go to the picnic and he would ask his wife to bake a special cake for the great man as a sign of appreciation for his invitation.
Arman, a simple and quiet man held his copy of the memo. He wasn’t as enthusiastic about the picnic as Diego was, basically because there were already such cases when the employer didn’t come when they expected him to. Besides, he enjoys his job and he would be happy to continue working for their employer no matter what. But since the invitation seems to him to be more of a summon than invitation, he would go. It would be nice if the employer does show,but if not, it doesn’t make any difference to Arman. What’s important was that he did what he was supposed to do.
Manuel has always been cynical especially when it comes to their employer. He thinks that their employer was nothing more than a wealthy man who got rich through the sweat and blood of other people. The invitation, just like the other previous announcements, is just another way of showing them he’s the boss and he could call on them anytime he likes. He sure wouldn’t come. What’s a picnic after all? Just grilled hotdogs and a few cans of beer. If there was something important the employer wanted to tell him, he would send them a memo like he always does.
The night before the weekend, there was a terrible storm. Streets were flooded and branches of trees were scattered on the road making it difficult to travel. But the storm abated the following morning, leaving the world calm and quiet.
Diego, feeling lethargic after the storm decided not to go to the picnic. Manuel was right, if there was something important the employer wanted to tell him, he would send him a memo. And besides, who would go on having a picnic after a terrible storm?
Arman arrived at the mansion with his family. His wife wanted to meet his employer and their two children like picnics. As soon as they were seated, a man walked towards them. He was smiling obviously happy to see Arman and his family. Without asking for the other two employees, the employer explained the reason for his invitation.
It seems like he was planning to migrate to the United States and stay there for good. So, he was giving some shares of his company to his three most trusted and competent employees. He was supposed to divide the shares into four but since Arman was the only one to show up, he was giving the fifty percent of the shares to Arman. He handed Arman the papers for his signature and when all the necessary papers were signed, he took them to the backyard and Arman had the best picnic of his life.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental. )

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