February 6, 2015

The Husband

Rudy* was my classmate in high school. We belonged to the same class for four years and all those years I could say we became friends, maybe not very close but friends nonetheless.
Since I’ve always been the one to organize our reunions, I was wondering why Rudy very seldom attends. Then a common acquaintance enlightened me. It seems like Rudy married a hateful woman. It might be subjective but I listened just the same.
The woman almost never let Rudy out her sight. She never let him go out with friends, especially the old ones. She always checks on his cell phone. She even opens Rudy’s Facebook account. She probably was the one who receives my messages and invitations to reunions. She nags Rudy in front of his friends.
I heard a lot more but I didn’t want to listen anymore. I just felt sad for Rudy. But I’m not sure if he was sad for himself. I just wish he’s happy..

*not real name

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