February 8, 2015

The Great Businessman

Mr. Morales was a successful businessman. He started when he was young. When he learned that he was good at fixing things, he began to buy broken items, fix them and sell them second hand. When people began to want more, he hired a helper who was as good as he was. Together, they started a business which grew into something bigger than both of them imagined.
So, Mr.Morales got rich. He began to put up another business similar to the one he started with. Then, when this worked out, he began to put up another type of business, and this worked out, too. Mr. Morales was so happy. He just found out how good a businessman he was.
As a businessman, Mr. Morales attends social gatherings. In one of those social events, a business acquaintance asked him how he became so successful. Mr. Morales told him the story of how he started with a one-man buy and sell business. Everybody was so impressed and told him how inspiring his story was, and that he should have a book written so that more people will be inspired by his story.
That gave Mr. Morales another idea. Yes, why not try writing?
So, he did. He wrote about his life and his business. He was sure many people would read it and would be inspired by it. That way, he would be able to help them.
But only very few read Mr. Morales’ book. It seems like not many people want to read about the success of one great businessman. Mr. Morales tried again, and again, and again. Still, no one seems to be interested in reading his life story. Mr. Morales felt sad. How could he help inspire other people?
Maybe he was doing it wrong. He may be a great businessman, but he was no great writer. Mr. Morales felt very sad. He finally knew how it feels to fail at something. But business must go on. Mr. Morales went back to work though not as enthusiastic as before. He signed papers, interviewed future employees, talked to clients and attended social events.
He was then invited to be the guest speaker at a graduation ceremony in a vocational institute. Mr. Morales has always given speeches, but this was the first time he was to speak in front of young people. What was he going to say to these people soon to be plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics seamstresses, manicurists and hair stylists?
But when he reached out for the microphone, he started to tell them a story about a boy as young as the graduates, who bought a broken down electric fan, fixed it and sold it for twice the price he bought it with. He told them how this boy, with the help of his friend, became a great businessman. The graduates enjoyed his story and even gave him a standing ovation.
When he came home, Mr. Morales named the boy in his story, Nitoy. He clothed him in old, hand-me-down shirt and faded holey pants. He gave him a house which he lived in with his widowed mother. The house stood in a compound crowded with crying children and gossiping old women….
That night, Mr. Morales wrote the first chapter of his first and probably last novel.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental)

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