February 14, 2015

The Fortune Plant

Daniel and Rita have been friends. They were neighbors and they practically grew up together. They were as close as close friends could be. They played together as children and studied together as students.  As they grew old, their closeness didn’t change, in fact, it seemed to be getting stronger.
On the day of their graduation from high school, Daniel and Rita were looking for some fresh flowers for Rita’s corsage when Daniel caught her staring at something.
What is it?” he asked.
That..” Rita pointed at a strange looking plant.. “is a fortune plant*” she continued.
Daniel, don’t you know what a fortune plant is?”
Hmmm.. No.”
“It’s a very rare plant. Only the most patient people can grow it, and very few people can make it flower.”
Why would anybody want to grow it? It’s not even pretty. It looks.. strange” protested Daniel.
It looks strange because it’s uncommon. It doesn’t grow at just any backyard. You have to plant it in a separate clay pot, it must be clay and not rubber or plastic, and put it under the shade otherwise the sun would scorch the leaves and it will die. If it survives, you have to wait for 18 months before a single bud would show up, then you have to be very careful with it as the flower is very delicate and the chances that it will bloom is very small..”
It produces only one single flower?”
That’s why it’s called fortune plant. You are a very fortunate person if you ever make it flower. Some people say it brings luck..”
Luck as in money?”
Could be, or love, or whatever makes the person happy..”
It still isn’t pretty..”
Daniel, what makes it pretty is the patience and effort of the person who grew it..”
Daniel just shrugged his shoulder and gave the plant one last look.
After  high school, the two went to college, took different courses and met new friends. They spend time together only on weekends. Time passed by and Rita turned into a beautiful lady. Daniel, on the other hand, remained her closest and most loyal friend, though Rita secretly wished he were more than that. Despite her many suitors, Rita couldn’t find any one who made her feel cherished and cared about as much as Daniel did. How much she wished Daniel felt the same way.
After a couple of years, Rita celebrated her 18th birthday. With Daniel as her escort, she was filled with immeasurable felicity. She didn’t mind that Daniel arrived empty handed in contrast to the enormous gifts her countless suitors brought. She was simply happy to have him by her side on this very special day.
As the party neared its conclusion, Daniel stood up and took the microphone and made the shortest speech Rita has ever heard..
Happy birthday to the most important girl in my life..” then waked across the room to Rita’s backyard and came back with a pot of strange looking plant.
Rita gasped.
A fortune plant!
It was crowned with a single white flower which Rita has never seen before. And that single flower said everything Rita wanted to hear..
Daniel put the plant beside the cake and came back to Rita’s side.
With her eyes shining with unshed tears, she asked..
But I thought you didn’t like it..”
I don’t.”
Then why did you grow it?”
I grew it for you…”
So, Rita believed the flower really brings luck. It brought her love.. As for Daniel, he believed love brought the flower and not the other way around.

*Fortune Plant is a fictitious plant I invented to write this story. I don’t know if it exists. If it does, I’m not aware of it.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarity with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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