February 3, 2015

Sweet Love Turned Poisonous

Cathy* was a second year college student when she met Harold*. Just one look at the boy and Cathy’s parents instantly disliked him. He was the epitome of a good-for-nothing guy who looks for all kinds of trouble. Cathy’s parents warned her to stay away from Harold. But just like other teenagers, Cathy didn’t listen.
They kept their relationship a secret. It was fun. And it was easy because her school was situated several miles from home and she and her sister Judy were just renting a boarding house. Cathy didn’t know which was more exciting, keeping their relationship a secret or defying her parents. But then, she suddenly noticed the change in Harold. He started to show aggressive behavior. Then, she began to notice some evidence that Harold was using prohibited drugs. It was then that she realized how right her parents were about her boyfriend. She talked with Harold to break up with him. Harold got mad and hit Cathy.
After a few months, Cathy’s younger sister Judy began to notice Cathy’s constant bruises, but Cathy didn’t want to talk about it. Judy started to worry and called her parents. Her parents came and forced the truth out of Cathy. They found out that not only was she constantly beaten by Harold, but he also extorted money from her. And now she was pregnant.
Cathy’s parents have Harold arrested. They kept the baby and after several months, Cathy gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Cathy went back to school while her mother adopted the baby and named him after them.
*not real name

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