February 28, 2015

Some People Don't Want to Be Helped

I know I’m not the only one who know such people. I don’t know, though, if they feel the way I do about those people. I feel frustrated.
I may be a person of very simple means but I treat my friends like family. I go to so much trouble to help them out in any mess they get themselves into and I may not be able to help them financially but I give the most precious thing I could, my time and undivided attention.
And I feel frustrated when I see them give up the fight and give in to self destruction. It hurts to watch them brood and mope hating life and everything around them. But it hurts more to feel helpless and rejected. The feeling that you could have helped if only they would let you eats at you.
At first I blamed myself for not trying hard enough. But then again, I learned to forgive myself and let go but the forgiving and the letting go usually come after a long while. Still, it made me feel better about myself and I learned some valuable lessons. No matter how much we love our friends and how much we wanted to help them out, we simply can’t solve their problems for them.

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