February 24, 2015

Self Imprisoned

Honestly, I can’t imagine why someone, ANYONE, would choose to imprison herself in an invisible cell of her own design. All the more so if that someone is pretty, smart and healthy.
My friend Tanya* was 19 when she got pregnant by her conceited boyfriend. Considering no other choices but to marry the jerk, she did, and as we expected, she was verbally and emotionally abused. The unhappy marriage lasted for several years until the guy grew tired of her and left her for someone else.
Tanya nursed her broken heart for quite a while until she met someone else. But Someone Else was married. Probably desperate and convinced that the guy would leave his wife for her, Tanya went on with the relationship. And just like the first jerk, this second jerk treated her unfairly. He was jealous and possessive and he kept on ordering her around.
When I invited her to sleep over in our house, she felt embarrassed and told me that her boyfriend doesn’t allow her to go somewhere unless he’s with her. When I asked her if she’s still happy with their relationship, because as long as she is, then that’s fine by me. But it seems like she felt not only  unhappy but also trapped.
Tanya is only 40 years old at the moment. Her kids are almost grown up and she still has a great chance to find someone who will make her happy. But how could she find someone if she chose to imprison herself with the life she thought she deserves?
*not real name

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