February 16, 2015

Do We Teach Our Kids to Pray?

This is a re-post. It originally appeared on another blog on Feb. 12, 2014. It is re-posted for sentimental reasons.

When my kids were young, we used to pray together before we go to sleep. I told them to thank the Lord first for all the blessings that we receive every day. Then, ask Him to keep all of us safe and healthy, to watch over them while they study and play and finally to make them good and smart kids. I told them to ask everything in Jesus’ name.
Though we have stopped this ritual of praying together before going to sleep a few years back, I believe in my heart that they do pray on their own.
Last year, my eldest daughter’s close friend had a problem. It seems like, her mother, who has been separated from her father, who already has a new family, was seriously ill.
Trying to comfort her friend, my daughter told her to pray for her mother’s health and to ask for strength from God in order to overcome whatever it was they were facing at the moment. My daughter was stunned when her friend said she didn’t know how to pray. At first, she thought her friend was joking. But when the girl cried, my daughter realized that though her friend goes to mass every Sunday, she didn’t really learn to talk to God.
I felt sad for my daughter’s friend. I know that her parents have been separated. Her father has a new family and her mother is working abroad to support her and her brother. They may have the latest and most expensive gadgets available in the market, but I guess they feel lonely sometimes. I hope my daughter was able to teach her to communicate with God, because if that is so, she wouldn’t feel lonely anymore.

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