February 18, 2015

College Infatuation

Well, I know it sounds.. cheesy. Besides, I don’t even know if there really is such thing as college infatuation, high school infatuation, yes, but college, I’m not really sure.
Anyways, when I was a college freshman, I met this really really smart guy. At first, you would actually mistake him for a nerd. But then again, when you get to know him better, you will realize that he really is cool only three times smarter than the average guy and I liked him.
Too bad he was already involved with someone else that time. Besides, I didn’t even know if he would like me the same way I did him, right? Still, it was enough for me to be just an ordinary acquaintance to him. I felt flattered when he would engage me in a sort of philosophical discussion that was actually Greek to me. What I enjoyed most, however, was when we discuss literary stuff. I read as much as he did so I guess we were in equal footing. He was the one who introduced some classic novels to me and I actually read most of what he recommended.
Who would ever know that we would meet again after more than two decades. The moment I saw him, I felt the same.. awe that I had always felt for him. And when he spoke, I was enthralled and was taken back to the time when I was a college freshman with my head filled with ridiculous ideas and eyes all dreamy with infatuation.
The only difference is that, I am now older and wiser and tougher. And as we talked, I realized why I liked him before. He is so… ‘not ordinary’.
I was so happy to see him again and I really wish him all the best life can give. Wherever he is, may he continue to use his talents and skills to make a difference in the world.

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