February 13, 2015

Coincidences vs Miracles

This is a re-post. It originally appeared on another blog on Feb. 07, 2014. It is re-posted for sentimental reasons.

Most of the time, I’m so preoccupied with my problems that I fail to notice the hand of God working on me and my family.
When I quit my job in 2012, I was thinking so hard and so bitterly why the plans I so carefully laid out didn’t work out. A few months later, my daughter had an accident and underwent surgery. I thought how good the timing was that it happened when I didn’t have any other responsibilities and I was able to attend to her with undivided attention.
And during that time also, my husband was doing well at work that he was sending more than he used to which covered my lost income. Again, timely. But when my husband’s luck ran out and he was back to sending the usual amount, I panicked. How could I make both ends meet now with my eldest in private school in college.
Then, my daughter announced that she earned a full scholarship for the next semester.
Coincidences? No, they are miracles..
There are more. In fact, there are so much more that I can’t count them. But the bottom line is that God watches over mefixes my problems and provides for my needs and I am humbled by his generosity.
Let us be thankful for all the miracles that God grants us every day and let’s try not to be like this..
“Then some teachers of the Law and some Pharisees spoke up ‘Teacher,’ they said, ‘we want to see you perform a miracle.’ Matthew 12: 38

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