January 10, 2015

What's More Painful?

What’s more painful than learning that your husband has another woman? Why, that’s having the woman at your doorstep provoking you with her sharp and poisonous tongue.
My friend Jenna* had been suspecting that her husband has another woman for quite some while. Though her husband wouldn’t admit it, the evidence were against him. The idea was painful enough. So, she got me speechless when she sent me a text message telling me that her husband’s other woman came for trouble.
Jenna said that her husband came home with the woman. Without any invitation from the mistress of the house, the woman barged in and pointed finger at my friend accusing her of spreading gossip that she was having an affair with my friend’s husband. With the composure deserving a standing ovation, Jenna looked at the woman and said
“I don’t discuss my private affairs with strangers. Our problem is ours, and your problem is yours. I don’t need to explain myself to you nor you to me..”
The woman was enraged. She dared Jenna to go outside and challenged her to a fistfight in order to settle things.
Jenna simply answered
“Why would I leave the safety of my house? I don’t need to fight you nor please you. Why do I need to do what you say? I don’t need to prove anything to a WOMAN like you..”
Then, the woman yelled..
“Don’t you dare call me a WOMAN!”
Jenna asked.. “Oh why, do you prefer PIG?”
It actually sounded funny, but I knew how difficult and painful it was for my friend. So, without telling her, I cheered for her in my mind..

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