January 25, 2015


Dory* was a widow with three children when I got to know her. In fairness to her, she was a hard worker. She sold various things from frozen meat to plastic wares. Then she met Dindo* and they got married. Dindo was quiet but very nice. He took Dory and helped her raise her kids. After a few years, Dindo and Dory had two children of their own.
Dindo worked abroad and Dory put up a business. She started a piggery and a poultry. She also bought and sold rice by wholesale. From an impoverished widow, Dory became a cunning businesswoman. But she was still not contented. There was something more she wanted. So, I wasn’t surprised when I learned that Dory got a lover, a handsome police officer who was known to be a womanizer in our town.The affair went on for a few years until Dindo found out. I didn’t know how, but he just did. Dindo broke up with Dory but Dory got to keep the business and the children who received financial support from their father.
After a few more years, Dr. Javier, a physician who has lived in the US for decades has come back in our town. He met Dory when one of her children got sick and was taken to the doctor’s clinic. Dory learned that Dr. Javier was just back in our town for a visit and more importantly, that Dr. Javier was a widow.Before long, it was rumored that they were having an affair. Soon, Dr. Javier went back to the States. After several months, Dory left her children to join him.
As was natural, the townspeople got tired of talking about Dory. And that was when her two younger children left to join their mother and Dr. Javier in the States.
For some reasons, when I think of the word WOMAN, I think of Dory..
 *not real name

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