January 12, 2015

The Security Guard

Manuel is a security guard. He has been working at a jewelry store for five years and he is happy with what he does. He loves to open the door for people who come in happily and come out even more happily. His favorites are the old women who lean on him for support and the young girls with sparkling eyes. Manuel loves being a guard who keep people and property safe.
The manager of the jewelry store, however, doesn’t think much of Manuel. He is just a security guard, paid to lay down his life for the establishment and can easily be replaced by another desperate individual ready to don a uniform for a small amount of money.
One day, during the manager’s regular visit, he heard a commotion at the shop all the way from his office. He got up ready to pick on Manuel. He stopped just in time to hear a gunshot and he was knocked down the floor by Manuel. Surprised by the attack, he started cursing at Manuel who laid motionless on top of him. It was only when the door burst open and two policemen came that the manager noticed a strange man who was eventually dragged by the officers out of the store.
Then, the manager started to push Manuel off him. The women screamed in unison and a few men came over to help Manuel. He was shot in the arm when he knocked down the manager to get him out of the bullet’s way.
An ambulance was called and Manuel was taken to the hospital. After a few months, Manuel went back to the jewelry store to inform the manager that he was ready to go back to work, but the manager did not want him back. He said it was Manuel’s fault that the robber managed to get inside the store and nearly got him killed. Manuel tried to reason that he did not let the the robber in but was held at gunpoint and was himself dragged inside. But the manager  did not want an incompetent man like Manuel back to his employment.
With his arm still throbbing, Manuel sadly went out the store. Then he met the kind old lady whom he regularly open the door for. He smiled genuinely and held the door open for her for the last time. The old lady’s eyes lit up and asked Manuel about his arm and when he was returning for work. Manuel admitted that he was no longer coming back.
The old lady smiled kindly and asked Manuel if he likes to work for her. She said it was a boring job which nobody likes. The job was to accompany an old lady and carry her shopping bags for her and occasionally watch over her grandchildren when they go shopping around. She said she needed someone she could trust with her and her grandchildren’s lives and she believes that Manuel is fit for the job.
After one look at the jewelry which he guarded for several years, Manuel smiled at the old woman and shook her hand.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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