January 9, 2015

The Scholar

Rico is a scholar. He likes to read and he reads all the time. He likes to discover how things work. He is enchanted by the past and is excited by the future. He is fascinated by history which for him explains the present and makes the future somehow predictable.
He likes numbers. He memorizes hundreds of formulas and that gives him an idea about how big, how small, how tall, how short, how deep is something. He likes geography and knows the atlas by heart. He knows which country is beside what, and even knows the capital of that country. Most of all, he loves to read novels by great writers.
It is therefore not a surprise that Rico’s house is filled with books. His shelves are overflowing with books and so are his drawers. He has books on every table including the dining table. He has books even in the bathroom. It is a wonder how he still remembers what he reads.
Because of that, Rico is considered a walking almanac. He is popular with girls and envied by boys. But it also makes him arrogant. He looks down on people who knows nothing about history and the sciences and laughs at those who are grammatically incorrect.
And because he reads a lot, he always has amusing stories to tell which makes him the center of attention, always. Until Dindo came along.
Dindo is street smart. Everything he knows, he learned from the street or from other people. He doesn’t read any math book but he can estimate even from a distance because he worked as a construction worker. He doesn’t have any problem with calculation because they have a sari-sari store at home and he can add, subtract, multiply and divide in no time.
He doesn’t know much about sciences except those he sees outside. He can predict when it’s going to rain and when the streets will be flooded. He knows which plants are medicinal and which are poisonous. He loves animals especially dogs because he sees them everyday on the streets.
He doesn’t know history except those he heard from his grandparents. He doesn’t read novels but he can tell a lot of true stories that happened in the streets. But most importantly, Dindo is a sweet and helpful guy because he knows and understands that the only way to survive is by the help of other people.
But Rico wouldn’t have Dindo. For him, Dindo is way too low for him. He couldn’t possibly be friends with someone who hasn’t read any book. Dindo doesn’t mind. He knows he couldn’t force himself to anyone. But he didn’t mind as well when most of Rico’s friends went with him leaving Rico alone and friendless.
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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