January 4, 2015

The Perfect Husband

Jack* was the perfect husband, a good provider, a thoughtful husband and a responsible father. He never failed to give time to his family, taking them to church on Sundays, playing with the children, helping them with homework and school projects. As a husband he was the sweetest,  always saying something nice to his wife Lenny*, helping her with household chores like cooking dishes and doing the laundry. On special occasions he always came up with a wonderful gift.
He was an ideal husband indeed that when Lenny learned he had another woman, she was shocked. How he found time for another woman was a mystery to Lenny. It seemed like the woman was an ex-girlfriend and if the information was correct, Jack loved her as much as he loved his legal family.
As much as Lenny wanted to confront her husband she was scared he might leave her and the children in favor of that woman, so Lenny kept her silence hoping that it will soon come to pass. It never did. But Jack was so discreet with his affair that Lenny sometimes forgot it existed. Time dragged on and Lenny learned to live with the situation until it didn't bother her anymore. Then Jack died. Lenny prepared herself to meet the damn woman, but she didn't show up until the last night of the wake.
She was so beautiful and proper. With her was her equally proper son who showed respect to Lenny. They introduced themselves to the other mourners as Jack's relative on his mother's side. They didn't stay long, just long enough as was comfortable to Lenny. When they left, Lenny realized she was right for not making Jack choose.
*not real name

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